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Vivakey is a complete solution for digital hotels with all the necessary tools for the operation and management of an autonomous hotel. Our system includes PMS, Channel manager, Reservation Engine, Payment Method and Integrated lock that opens via App or password, eliminating cards and keys.

The Vivakey Solution


Complete PMS with governance, financial module and integration with ERP Omie

Channel Manager

Integration with the main hotel booking sites and Airbnb, 100% synchronized with PMS

IOT Smartlock

Smartlock integrated to the PMS that opens with the App or password, without cards

Check In App

App for making reservations, check in, opening doors and chat service

Automated Billing

Integrated payment method with automated billing from all booking sites


Service Bot

Artificial Intelligence to answer questions and make reservations in customer service channels

Techospitality Kit

Vivakey is part of the Techospitality Kit and integrates with Alexa Echo Dot Amazon and I2Go

Facial Recognition

Optional access control with facial recognition and temperature measurement

How It Works


  1. Guest makes the reservation through website, app or any OTA integrated into the system
  2. Payment is processed automatically
  3. Check In instructions are sent by email / App and the digital key is generated
  4. The guest opens the hotel and room door with the App or password, without contacting the reception

All In One


Vivakey is a unique solution in the market because it unites both Software and Hardware, with complete integration between the systems. Use a single software, from the reservation until the guest enters the room. Without on-site reception, increase your hotel’s profitability by at least 30% and reduce your fixed costs.



Vivakey was selected together with Amazon and I2Go to create the first Techospitality Kit that will be marketed by Instituto Techospitality. Vivakey will be integrated with Amazon’s Alexa and guests will be able to make reservations or extensions just by speaking with Echo Dot Amazon in their room.

Vivakey History

Vivakey is a joint venture of two companies: Viva Suites and Magikey. Viva Suites is a hotel management company that operates several autonomous hotels in the states of São Paulo, Bahia, Mato Grosso, being responsible for managing thousands of reservations monthly. Magikey is the startup that developed the first Brazilian platform for the transaction of virtual credentials via smartphone and also develops access control hardware. We promote a disruption in traditional hospitality, bringing more competitiveness to the hotel owner and a unique experience for the guest.

Our Clients

“Atualmente operamos 60 quartos em 3 hotéis sem recepção física em São Paulo e nosso custo operacional é 1/3 de um hotel comum. Antes do Vivakey, tínhamos inúmeros problemas com aberturas de portas, travamentos, cartões…Nunca mais tivemos nenhum problema com os acessos após a implantação do Vivakey.”

Ricardo Marcato

Viva Suites Director

“Our guests are able to access the hotel entrance and rooms without going through any reception. They can even access the vehicle garage through the app or password, without any difficulty. This has raised the satisfaction of the guests and consequently our revenues.”

Milton Saad

Viva Versátil Investor

“The satisfaction of our guests increased a lot after the implementation of Vivakey due to this new digital experience. The increase in revenue that the system has brought us has made us very satisfied.”

Antônio Grillo

San Marino Residence Owner


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